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Jason Lewis / Smith Jerrod Appreciation Thread #4 : Because he became a star!

Jason Lewis / Smith Jerrod
Appreciation Thread

Smith Jerrod
Samantha Jones always gets her man, and after a trip to Raw she knew that she had to take home her sexy waiter, Jerry Jerrod. After downing endless amounts of uncooked vegetables, she finally managed to bed him, starting a beautiful relationship between the two.

Sam's passion for Jerry almost disappeared after she discovered that he was not only a waiter, but a struggling actor and a recovering alcoholic with an alliterative name. However, Sam managed to get over these skeletons in Jerry's closet and continue their blossoming relationship.

After a change to the more Hollywood-esque name of "Smith," Mr. Jerrod's career took off. Samantha's PR (and Smith's exposed package) made his play "Full Moon" into a legitimate off-Broadway hit. His nearly naked frame began to grace advertisements for Absolut vodka, and he was cast in a film directed by Gus Van Sant.

Jason Lewis

With his natural charisma, innate acting ability and brooding good looks, Jason Lewis has the potential to bring needed heat to the final season of "Sex and the City." If enthusiasm by its producers is any indication, this relative newcomer also has the potential to parlay his series regular role on the HBO series into a career as a leading man.

In 19 of 20 episodes this season Lewis portrays the new love interest of Samantha (Kim Cattrall), becoming integral to a series-culminating storyline with just the right mix of comedy, drama and sexual tension. Though he can reveal little before his first episode airs on June 29th (after the season premiere on June 22nd), Lewis affirms that there is "great chemistry" between him and Cattrall as well as the rest of the award-winning "Sex" cast.

After leveraging his good looks early in his career, Lewis honed in on his true passion: acting. His first small role in television led him not immediately to more work, but rather to a desire to improve his craft out of the gate. Working with a top acting coach, Lewis developed his technical skills through "active self-evaluation" while enjoying the "cathartic" experience of emotional immersion. He attributes his work ethic to his grandparents, who were also a major influence on his love of movies and reading.

After a few guest starring roles, Lewis portrayed an introverted advertising executive in the romantic comedy Kimberly (HBO and Showtime) a "rash and gregarious" palace guard in the period adventure The Kings Guard, and an anti-terrorist special agent in the action film The Elite (HBO and Showtime). Disillusioned with both the process and creative malaise of Hollywood, however, Lewis sold his house in California and underwent another form of catharsis: a three-month sabbatical with his dogs, camping in parks across the U.S. and Canada. Refreshed and recommitted, he embraced his craft again in New York, finding a more satisfying professional environment. Lewis' first audition proved the value of self-reflection, flooring the producers of "Sex and the City" and landing one of the most sought after roles on either coast.

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