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Originally Posted by CohenGal (View Post)
What's everyone up to?

I'm going to Iceland in April! The friend who was supposed to come with me is having visa/passport issues so she can't make it, which is a bummer, but I'm still going. My parents might join me, but I don't mind traveling alone. Ele, I'll be messaging you for advice!
Ohhhh have fun and yeah, pm me for advice or let's talk via skype or something.
I loved Iceland sooo much and I will definitely go there again and combine it with Greenland.

I'm going to Peru and Bolivia for three weeks in September/October. Booked it last week. Can't wait to see Machu Piccu.

Katka - aww bummer, I was sure you wanted to see it as well. My mom wants to drag me into a Dusty Springfield musical when we are in London in June but I'm not sure I care about her enough to see it. lol
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