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Donkey Kong & Mighty Mouse {Wade&George} #4: "Wade, you're my wingman here and I am not even certified in this type of plane."

w a d e & g e o r g e

appreciation thread

Donkey Kong & Mighty Mouse

"buds for a long time ."

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27. Ms. Evil Regalღ

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the reasons.
1. Because Donkey Kong will see Mighty Mouse later
2. Because "I still think number six is doable. all we need is a helicopter and a tiny monkey"
3. Because they don't need a location for a prank, they need a prank
4. Because Wade is tired of being treated like the underling in this operation
5. Because "you boys have come a long way"
6. Because they pranked their enemy back, then they all went out for pancakes
7. Because "for you to doubt me, George Tucker, well that hurts my feelings"
8. Because Charlie Brown is a cartoon character, Wade
9. Because "Wade, these are the woods..."
10. Because "I'm thinking about running..." | "do. NOT. run."
11. Because "your lawyer was hanging on to the other end of a Christmas tree that you tricked him into stealing!"
12. Because George needs Wade to talk to his dad, to save the town from his own dad
13. Because you don't have to be a good liar to be a good lawyer, you just have to be good at spotting one
14. Because Wade doesn't want to sell-out his dad so George can beat his
15. Because George made Wade see how much is father really cared for him
16. Because “Wade, I promise you, we are gonna be great”
17. Because “See? There you go George. Believin' in me again”
18. Because “Save your money, Tucker, I ain't worth it”
19. Because Wade broke a rib blocking that guy who was about to put George in a wheelchair when they were playing Daphne High
20. Because nobody but nobody puts heat rub in George Tucker's jock and gets away with it
21. Because Wade wants them to fill Jimmy Praboo’s car with tarantulas

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future titles
Because: “You shot yourself!” – “THE SAFETY WAS OFF!”
Because “It's KIDNAPPING!” – “I didn't call George Tucker the lawyer, I called George Tucker... Guy with trailer hitch.”

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