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Hi girls!!
We're trying to plan holidays as well. We're trying to plan for Prague at the beginning of March, Katka. If they give me the days off but I hope so. Would love to say hi to you! If Prague isn't available, I'd love Dublin or a UK main city.
We should go to Michigan at least once between the summer and Christmas, or both times. I was hoping to do something different this summer, so another option would be Jay goes first (being a teacher he's free in the summer), and I join him a bit later so I still have some days to spend somewhere else. We'll see.
Claire, sorry you've been sick! I hope watching Hamilton for the zillionth time helped you heal.
I twisted an ankle badly at work yesterday, just coming down some stairs. I'm bandaged and a bit sore now, but I work tonight, so I have to make it better somehow.
Sarah, stomach viruses are never fun. I'm sorry about your grandson.
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