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ok #3 is out

Welcome to the

Best of Liv's Brains

Survivor Game
Round 6

Vote for your least favorite pairing. The first photo to get
3 votes is eliminated and we're moving to another round.
Last Round we vote for our favorite photo.

#1 Pilot
eliminated in round 3

#2 50 Shades of Grey Matter
Erotic fiction writer

#3 Real Dead Housewife of Seattle
eliminated in round 5

#4 Cape Town

#5 Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues

#6 Pour Some Sugar, Zombie

#7 Method Head
eliminated in round 4

#8 Blaine's World
eliminated in round 2

#9 Zombie Bro
Frat boy

#10 Astroburger

#11 Flight of the Living Dead
Sorority sister

#12 Love & Basketball
Basketball coach

#13 The Whopper
Pathelogic liar

#14 He Blinded Me... With Science

#15 Salivation Army
eliminated in round 1

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