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Originally Posted by hurricane eyes (View Post)
Thanks for all the tweets .


I like the idea of this sleeping curse because it's a different spin on it and quite cruel, but I'm at the point where I'm just confused as to why they haven't tried having Emma or baby charming or any of the other TL kisses. It's been a while now and if they're both still alternating nap time it's just a huge plothole that needs to be addressed asap.
Maybe the answer to that question is "a surprise"?

We know that the curse is mostly to put stress on Charming, but if that all gets worked out in episode 12, why is the curse still around in episode 15, at least? Sometimes I think the writers expect us to catch things that just go over our heads. Kind of like why did it take Regina until episode 8 to realize she could trap the Evil Queen in the mirror world? Shouldn't she have realized before Snow and Charming were put under the curse? Why didn't Hook or David wish them selves into the Wish World? Why did Regina only wish herself there? Do the writers think they have explained these things and we just missed the logic? Or are they really plot holes?

I do think Snowing will meet in some liminal space like the neither world or the dream world before the curse is broken. Kind of like the fire room in season 2.
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