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Recently Played Quotes:

Emmett: What kind of homosexual are you? Brian: The kind that fs men
Emmett: Teddy is immaculate. He even rinses out his underwear before he puts them in the laundry.
Brian: Your prophecies of doom only incite me more.
Brian: Melanie's one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction.
Brian: Listen .. twerp. You think you get to be the best by just saying so? Announcing that you are? You have to prove it first.
Debbie: And a BLT for Teddy…hold the bacon, lettuce, bread, mayo and fries.
Ted: If I tell you, do you promise that you won't make me feel like a fool?; Brian: That would be redundant.
Periwinkle: Every fairy has a god given gift to take what's ugly and make it into something beautiful.
Ted: Look who's back; Brian: I see ;Ted: I thought you had him banned; Brian: I did; Ted: I'll have him thrown out. Brian: Don't. Lock the doors, bar the windows, but eventually it's bound to get in.
Ted: Au revoir Paris, Bonjour Pittsburgh.
Justin: He said he wanted to stay inside of me forever, and I wanted him to.
Ben: Michael, we can't tell him not to use drugs if we do it ourselves! Michael: Of course we can! That's what being a parent is all about.
Brian: Your prophecies of doom only incite me more.
Ted : What d'ya say we go over and let him insult us for a while. - Emmett : What a good idea, might make him feel better.
Jennifer: I came at the wrong time. - Brian: You two have a lot in common.
Carl: If I can't solve a Hollywood movie I should retire!
Brian: When you were a boy did you save the bird with the broken wings? - Ted: What did you do, tear them off?
Michael: He thinks the building's turning into a den of iniquity…sex, drugs, cruising… - Emmett: Okay, so those are the advantages, what are the liabilities?
Brandon: Aren't you gonna collect your prize? - Brian: It's not much of a victory considering my years of experience and expertise.
Emmett: What am I gonna do? - Ted: You're gonna play dumb. - Emmett: I can do that.
Brian: Neutron Man has broken into a nuclear power plant where he's tortured with an agonizing dildo .. sorry, dilemma. He can either drain the planet of its power and live, or he can let the planet supply power to the world and die.
Justin: I love him, Michael. - Michael: I know. All the more reason to let him go. - Justin: You must not care very much. - Michael: I care more than you'll ever know.
Debbie: Brian Kinney. No doubt you've heard of him. He wouldn't like me telling you this but the biggest organ he's got is his heart. So please God, make him well!
Nurse: Drugs can't fix everything. - Brian: Where did you hear that?
Ben: You're a terrible influence. - Brian: I try my best.
Lindsay: Oh! I think that's so adorable that he asked you! Despite the somewhat questionable difference in your ages, and that fact that emotionally he's twelve years your senior. - Brian: Not going. Too old.
Michael: I just get scared of the thought of being alone. - Brian: That's how we all came in. That's how we're all going out.
Brian: This isn't the White House. George Washington hasn't slept here. - Justin: He's the only one who hasn't.
Brian: He would have left sooner of later anyway…might as well be sooner. - Michael: What are you talking about? - Brian: Go home Michael. Go home.
Police officer: Are you aware you were speeding? - Michael: Oh, that must be why we felt like we were going so fast!
Emmett: If I don't find a new roommate soon, I'm gonna be forced to move into the Home For Indigent Homos.
Debbie: There is an alternative to going out in a blaze of glory. And that's giving them all the big f you.
Blaine: We've never had a more congenial menial.
Brian: Hello, pig bottom. How would you like to polish my boot with your tongue?
Ben : I've already got what I need … and I don 't need to go to Tibet to find it.
Emmett: We all know about your charming sense of humor, but we also know that deep down you care about us, even though you'd never admit it.
Ben: Does he always kiss you like that? - Michael: About four times a year. Usually when he's really drunk or he wants me to shut up.
Emmett: I always was a bubble brain when it comes to math. I mean, if Carlene Daws hadn't given me the answers to that quiz in fifth grade, I'd still be sitting there today.
Brian: I don't want it. Tuna casserole means that we're going to get stoned and have a very meaningful conversation. Unfortunately, I just finished my last joint.
Debbie: I made you a triple scoop pistachio sundae, extra hot fudge and sprinkles on top. - Hunter: What the fk do I look like, a nine year old?
Brian: If you want your comic book to be a success you should put your personal feelings aside. Don't piss on your achievement.
Michael: David already takes me to dinner, he buys the groceries, he pays all the household expenses… - Emmett: Where do I sign up?
Justin: I could always make my mother's meatloaf, honey. And we could look at photos from when we took the kids to Disneyworld.
Brian: He's my best friend since we were fourteen. - David: That's sixteen years of waiting. He's been waiting so long he actually thinks he's happy. But you and I know that he's never gonna get what he really wants, is he? -
Brian: And what is that, doc? - David: For you to fk him.
Brian: I love you.
Justin: JT hasn't gotten a rise of Rage since Ice Tina zapped him with her radiation gun.
Congratulations Mr Taylor. The world can now anticipate your gift.
Daphne: Brian might not have been everything you wanted in a boyfriend, but at least he never asked you to lie.
Michael: The Circus of Porn account isn't exactly going to buy you a summer home in Ptown. - Brian: But the Remson Pharmaceuticals account will. Here's to Kinnetik, drinks are on me boys.
Emmett: Now she's living in sin. - Debbie: Or right across the hall from it.
Ben: Your children lead privileged lives and you dare to laugh at my son's misfortune? - Hunter: It's okay, Ben. I'm glad I came here tonight, because I learned something too. Now I know how your kids got to be the way they are. From you.
Brian: I should be so lucky as to have HIV. Then, I too could go play volleyball with my shirtless, hunky buds.
Debbie: How was your last trick? - Emmett: Big dk… teeny brain. - Debbie: The best kind!
Ted: You should be a guest motivational speaker in rehab.
Brian: How do I look? - Michael: Like a million bucks. - Brian: Don't sell me short. - Michael: Ten - Brian: Wish me luck. - Michael: You don't need it.
Michael: I don't want to talk about it. - Brian: Fine, let's talk about something else. What should I wear for my wedding? My mom wants me to wear the gown she wore but, let's face it, she never had much luck.
Ben: He is hurting inside. And the more he's hurting the more he tries to hide it. - Debbie: What an incredibly compassionate thing to say. You really are a hell of a nice guy.
Ben: Rage is now required reading for Professor Bruckner's class.
Ted: Hanging with Brian is exhausting. But it’s worth it for the sex. - Emmett: You’re having sex with Brian?
Justin: The man you love will slowly and sensually peel off all his clothes for you, exposing his perfect body.
Justin: I want a boyfriend who only wants to be with me. Who wants to stay home every once in a while. Who at least gets jealous when some other guy is sucking my d*ck right in front of him. - Michael: That's not Brian! And never will be.
Jennifer: I spoke to Debbie, she's a fing inspiration. - Brian: I can tell she's had a profound influence.
Debbie: Lay off the bad boy routine. ‘Cause you’re too old for it and…it isn’t true. - Brian: Anything else? - Debbie: Yeah…got a bag of chips?
Debbie: So, you wanted to tell me something? Go ahead, I'm all ears.-Carl: Debbie, honey ... - Debbie: Fk! I need earmuffs! It's supposed be colder than a witch's t*t in Canada!
Emmett: Hell, a date in this place just means you sucked some guys dk and went out for coffee.
Ted: Well, everybody knows…the French are famous for eclairs, oral sex and rudeness. - Emmett: I once had a date that involved all three.
Lindsay: Just because you're the breadwinner, that gives you the right to tell me when to pop out another loaf?
Emmett: Why don't you call Ted. I'm sure he'd love to have a drink with you.
Brian: I've always hated those long lines at the water cooler.
Justin: He’s never turned me down before. - Emmett: Have to admit, it doesn’t sound like the Brian Kinney we know and feel ambivalent about.
Emmett: Well…I may be a silly ft, but you know something Mel, you're a ct.
Brian: I'll never tell you where the jewels are. - Vic: Make that jewel. Now lie still. You know, if you're lucky you might even get a few more good years … like me.
Brian: How sweet, a twelve step valentine. I'm touched, Theodore. , where's the check?
Brian: You can start first thing Monday morning. - Ted: I'll be there … boss
Carl: I'm sorry Mrs. Novotny, but I don't take my orders from you.
Brian: All I could think was please don't let anything happen to him.
Lindsay: You'll do the right thing. Whatever it is. Brian: You don't know that.
Brian: You think God gave me cancer to punish me? Joan: It's not too late. You can still change. I know you can.
Brian: I wouldn’t count my clients before they’re snatched.
Justin: In a year, probably not even that long…you won't even remember my name.
Debbie: There's only one explanation ~ he must have knocked up Sunshine!
Melanie: So your mother's minister? Justin: You should've seen him, he's totally hot.
Melanie: Friends turn into lovers all the time
Justin: This was the best night of my life! Brian: Even if it was ridiculously romantic!
Emmett: New York, Paris, Rome…anywhere Audrey Hepburn made a movie.
Pitts9x6: Well, that was the most stunning display of ineptitude I've ever witnessed.
Ben: I was there doing research. Michael: More like the mating dance of the horny homosexual.
Brian: So, in other words, for Justin to live here with you he has to deny who he is, what he thinks and how he feels. Well, that's not love, that's hate.
Brian: Didn't your daddy ever teach you how to tie a tie? Justin: No, he was too busy kicking me out of the house and beating the st out of you. Brian: Neither did mine. He was too busy regretting the day I was born. C'mere.
Justin: I am the man that I wanna be. I'm the only man I can be. If you can't be proud of me for that, it's your problem.
Jennifer: For what it's worth, I just want you to know that I'm sorry I'm not going to be your mother~in~law.
Daphne: And I thought you were in love with this Brian guy. Justin: Me and Chris? That's not love, Daph, that's just fing. Daphne: Oh, and I thought it was detention.
Brian: Some a told me that if you believe in something strongly enough you have to be willing to sacrifice everything.
George: Would you find it terribly tedious if I told you how marvelous you are?
Michael: Why don't you get the Jeep for Monday, the Audi for Tuesday and the Boxster for Wednesday?
Justin: You want my advice? Hold out for a Rolex.
Ted: It's reassuring to know that come rain or snow, neither would keep you from your appointed rounds. Brian: Well, consistency is a rare virtue ... especially in these uncertain times.
Stockwell: Takes some getting used to, but once you're inside, it feels damn good.
Leda: We may be dykes but we are still ladies.
Brian: You're so beautifully naive, Mikey. It's business, you fk or you get fd. Michael: Yeah, only which end are you on?
Michael: You said they were a happy, committed couple.Emmett: It's not their fault. Obviously, against my powers of seduction they didn't stand a chance
Emmett: Cowboy Bob lassoed me. He's promised to take me out to the stables, tie me up like a squealing pig and ram me. yee haa!
Brian: You infected him with your petit bourgeois, mediocre, conformist, assimilationist life. Thanks to you, he's got visions ~ babies, weddings, white picket fences ~ dancing around in his blond little head.
Lindsay: She thinks that because I f Sam, I'm no longer a lesbian.Brian: Well, you know what a stickler for details she is.
Brian: So, what's the problem?Emmett: The problem is, I have this friend.Brian: That would be you.Emmett: Who is in love with his best friend.Brian: That would be Theodore.
Justin : Are you listening?Brian : Yeah, I'm listening!Justin : You're not your father! You love your son. Now what's it going to take for you to admit it? Another bomb?
Brian: What do you say we christen my new office? I have fifteen minutes before I have to approve ad copy.Justin: Always the romantic.
Ted: Tragically, some of us were not born to wear lycra.
Leda: It's a shame to keep such a beauty out of commission and under wraps.
Brian: Banging a bull dyke for Jesus isn't exactly making love.
Justin: Take your shirt off, you get a free drink.
Marty: Brian!What brings you to the Ninth Circle of hell?Brian: I was reading Gorky and I got a taste for the lower depths.
Brian: Trying to dispose of a large sum of expendable income is more exhausting than one might think. - Michael: Whoever said the world was fair? Next time you’ll think twice before becoming a success.
Michael : You whipped up the batter that eventually became Gus in a sex club. That 's disgusting.
Michael: Do you have anything to say? Brian: No.Michael: Well, I do. You can fk him at your place, you can fk him in his gym class, you can fk him at the zoo, but you can not fk him in my mother's house. In my room!
Brian : The Queers are about to find out what the breeders have known all along … in a messy divorce nobody stays clean.
Vic: Sex isn't careful, and if it is, you're doing it wrong. It's messy and it's human, and it's mixed up with other things. It's a genie that won't stay in the bottle.
Lindsay: You'll do the right thing. Whatever it is. - Brian: You don't know that.
Emmett: You know, for one skinny white boy, I make one fing fabulous black woman.

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