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This was a cute homey episode but for some reason it didnt interest me as much as the others.

The whole andy and guy with the bear storyline was really weird.

Harold having nightmares about dying was also a bit strange and random to me....
I agree that this was not the highlight of the episode. The important theme for me was the Brown family trying to bring Thanksgiving back to Delia. I loved Ephram and Delia season one...he was always there for her and this relationship seemed to diminish in the following seasons.
I loved seeing Ephram trying to cook their old Thanksgiving diner for Delia.
This was so sweet of Ephram, and I loved that Amy offered to help.

The EA kiss scene was so dang cuteeeee I remember watching that scene the first time and being so obsessed with it. It was just so cute how close they were sitting. And how Amy said she was grateful for some things and Ephram saying he wanted to kiss her. And her "you too" and then SHE INITIATES IT. sfdsfdsfdsf
I think that I was just as obsessed with this scene...this was their first kiss and it was mutual.
Amy admitting she has feelings for Ephram to her dad was really cute. Harold telling her not to toy with Ephram was great. I dont think she was intentionally trying to but that's definitely how it appeared.
It broke my heart that Harold had to lie for Amy. Poor Ephram. THat mixed tape was sweet.

Andy saying the best thing about this year was meeting his son was so cute!
Loved that!!


I felt bad for Ephram having to deal with Colin returning and Amy being all focused on him and obsessing over it.

I agree that throwing Colin a party was way too fast. It reminded me of when Brooke threw Lucas a party after his uncle died. Like, just let the kid breathe and deal with this by himself for a while.
This was Amy's way. She gets all into a relationship and sometimes to the extreme!

Ephram convincing Amy not to give up on Colin was just soooooo selfless and so adorable of him. What a great person Ephram is, and Amy calling him smart... no wonder she fell in love with him, who wouldn't?
That's how much he cared about her...willing to give her up.
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