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Originally Posted by chasing the sun (View Post)
I love Grant as Barry Allen, but I am not enjoying Barry Allen this season so far. That's basically what I meant. Grant deserves better than a show where they are just throwing insults at his character. Maybe this will pass. Seeing Cisco and him back as friends gives me hope. I want happy Barry and their promise of a more light-hearted season. Maybe the second part of the season will give us that.

I do love him as Barry as well. I'll just go back to ignoring all the negativity.
ok you do make a good point your not the only one who thinks that i do agree i think they have push barry aside to let the others shine and I'm sick of oh barry what have you done now aka time travel side i hope he get better at the time travel aka the writers give him more knowledge on it let him learn ..

it might change in season 3b but i do get what you said .. but i don't want barry out i don't like wally enough as a lead
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