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I wish they had never brought back Wes. It was so pointless and if Denise is alive, then he did nothing, aside from traumatizing Chanel. Granted,he got to her in a way that none of the others had, but if he didn't kill #5,Denise or Randall,then he sucked. Not only was it bad writing, the way he treated Hester was just awful.

The girls were hilarious and #5 was good at assisting. I feel bad for her. She studied and got the highest score on her own merit, but no one's going to give her credit.

Hester has to die. She serves no purpose after this and it's pointless to keep her on.

I think with #3,Cassidy will probably either wind up getting killed by awful because he can't kill her or she'll be forced to kill him.
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