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Originally Posted by CohenGal (View Post)
The OP is very pretty, although I can't take credit for that.

I just heard that 92Y doesn't have plans to release Lauren's talk, which I'm bummed about; I just assumed they would. So I'll try to remember what she said about Peter. Spoilers for those who haven't seen the GG revival yet.

Something else that was sweet and related to her relationship with Peter: Someone asked if she would come back to Broadway, and she said not in the next couple years because "we have a high schooler at home" and it would be too much of a disruption. I liked hearing that.
Aww that is a bummer they're not planning to release that. Thanks for sharing those tidbits though. I'm glad it worked out with that role, it was so perfect. And super cute about the high schooler at home.
"There's an expression in the casting business: 'God does not give with both hands.' Meaning, he doesn't give looks plus talent plus comedy. But in her case, he definitely did. It's tough to find someone that pretty who's that funny and has got all the goods." -Mark Hirschfeld
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