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Lauren Graham - Kraham Appreciation #15 ~ because they love supporting each other!

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Lauren told me [about Peter]. She was really cute explaining like "we've been friends for a very long time, he is one of my oldest friends in LA
and he's really sweet. And I was like yeah, I know he's amazing. That's awesome. I'm on board, count me in.
I'm glad you guys are having a good time and they're so loving towards each other. And so professional and everything has been a really smooth transition.
Erika Christensen - Parenthood radio interview, September 2010

Lauren's acknowledgement to Peter in her debut novel
Someday, Someday, Maybe, April 2013

Peter: We met on a show called "Caroline in the City".
Lauren: Sure. I played Shelly, what was your character?
Peter: I don't remember his name. I had to do a hand stand and juggle.
Lauren: Oh, that's right. ... Look how far we've come.
NBC News - Parenthood returns, January 2010

Peter: I talked to Jason Katims about everything.
Lauren: Did you say nice things about me?
Peter: I certainly did.
NBC News - Parenthood returns, January 2010

Lauren [about the type of man she's looking for]: "Smart, funny, nice and a serious person.
One of the things that has been tricky in the past is that I’m in my career…
And you don’t have to be a gazillionaire but just someone who’s happy in what you’re doing.
I just think that makes such a difference."

Lauren: "I went through a long phase where punching a boy on the arm
- hard - was how I showed affection." INSTYLE Magazin 2002

Lauren: "At this point I would probably meet someone who had kids or whatever,
and that's totally interesting to me. My imagination about what I can still do
with this life is endless." MORE Magazine, March 2010

Lauren: "I've only connected with people I met by accident"
MORE Magazine, March 2010

Peter: "My sister Sarah played by Lauren Graham, from Gilmore Girls, wonderful"
The Bonnie Hunt Show, April 2010

Lauren: "I think it's like when you plan like who you wanna date
or marry or something then you meet the right guy
and you're like "oh oh my list just went out the window"
The 10! Show, April 2010

Lauren: "You make a list of all the things you want,
but what you really want is to fall in love with somebody"
EMMY Magazine, No. 2 2010

Lauren: You know, it’s convenient but it’s not a lie to say
that one of my favorite shows of all time was Six Feet Under.
I don’t think I’ve connected to a show like that since."

Peter: "Lauren Graham is fantastic" Regis & Kelly, April 2010

Lauren: "I think we liked each other [but] he asked me over to his house to play a board game –
and that's exactly what we ended up doing. So I was like, 'This guy doesn’t like me.
Who actually plays a board game?" Redbook Magazine, October 2010

Lauren: "Nobody knew about it for awhile, because we like to be at home, cooking and not going out.
I've also been really protective of it, because it's important that you can buy us
as brother and sister on the show." Redbook Magazine, October 2010

Lauren: "He's obviously a very confident, appealing guy,
but he's shy, and so am I."
Redbook Magazine, October 2010

Lauren: "One of the things that's been so fun is that it's so easy.
It's a lot, to work with somebody and spend time with them, too."
Redbook Magazine, October 2010

Ellen: "You sound like a terrible person to be in a relationship with."
Lauren: "Well, Fred doesn't think so." Ellen, November 2011

Lauren: "I don’t feel the weight of being a public couple.
I feel the positive of being with somebody
who we understand what work we do."
Huff Post Live, April 2013

Lauren: "I have trouble in scenes when we are brother and sister,
I have to remind myself not to pinch his butt or something.
Cause it’s so easy to do."
Watch What Happens Live, May 2013

Lauren: "We’re still game people. "
Ellen, September 2013

Lauren: "We just try not to make out on set."
Ellen, September 2013

Peter: "We keep the two things separate. We don’t call each other
by our character’s names at home or anything."
TODAY, September 2013

Lauren: "We are really happy. I feel like close to five years in Hollywood is like,
aren’t we married already? I don’t know, it’s good the way it is."
Ellen, March 2014

Lauren: "Dax is an extremely funny guy who is also a super dedicated family man,
like Crosby. And Peter is obviously perfect, just like Adam."
Reddit, March 2014

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cause he's her boyfriend
cause they`re working the strangest muscles late at night
cause he keeps her in shape
cause they try to protect each other
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