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Originally Posted by FireQueen (View Post)
Maybe it's a slam towards Grant if they say that he doesn't have chemistry with any female but he's okay in scenes with males.

The whole "Grant has chemistry with everyone but Candice" is 100% a slam towards Candice.

I've read some bad things people say about Grant when it comes to chemistry in scenes with women. They body shame him or see him as asexual. Some do the same with Carlos. It's pretty gross
yes it is and I agree

I wrote mine as they see him with chemistry with men the whole Bromance thing goes over top they make Barry so in love with them Coldflash is the worst making Barry femine and so in love its creepy and annoying. and I just see it as hate towards Grant. but you said chemistry with all so I understand your point. I never will agree with her and Eddie though even though like Grant she works with anyone.
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