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Originally Posted by Talula78 (View Post)
Ugh, I've hardly had time to read posts because I was too busy deleting DPs! It's better today, I hope that's it for glitches?

Why are men so freakin hard to shop for? I was thinking about getting my dad a t-shirt, but he told me the other day he doesn't need or want anymore shirts. Ugh!
Tell me about it. I'm a man and even for me it's hard to shop for other men Whenever people ask me about possible presents I never know what to say either. It's a bit too much to ask for a new TV, or for a cameo on Gilmore Girls

I feel really guilty about not posting a lot lately. We're almost done preparing our move. Happens on Tuesday. There's just so little time to post and whenever I post I want to try to read everyone who responded since my last post and well....considering the activity Great news for the board, but it's hard to catch up. Hopefully everyone is okay? Anyone with nice plans this weekend? Jen, I hope you're mum is doing okay? Thinking about you all.

Karen, sorry about the Lion King Happened to my sister a while back too. They thought they had tickets for another date. Thankfully they got their money returned.

Glad it's December. Time flies. I always enjoy December. Christmas, close to the new year, etc. This year it's even better with the move and us getting kittens in January.

This is their most recent photo (6 weeks):

After the move I'll try my best to catch up!
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