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Jessica ‏@JessicaLynn312 Nov 17
. @BringHockeyBack (@VancityJax #firstcrush)

Kali Delamater ‏@KaliDelamater 2h
A favorited mine! I feel like a kid every time I watch it! Never gets old!Quack Quack @VinnyL78 @VancityJax

angelle ‏@angelle241 Nov 12
watchin the mighty ducks d2 @VancityJax

kerry ann ‏@kerryann_x3 Nov 12
Obviously have to watch D2 on tv for baby @VancityJax right now

Robbie-Kay Johnson ‏@Jaquaiakay Nov 12
Rewatching The Mighty Ducks and I'm just now realizing the @VancityJax and @JussieSmollett are both in this movie. #MindBlown

Jessica ‏@jessicasr23 Nov 11
The Mighty Ducks is on!!!! Good job MTV #favoritemovie #istillloveJoshuaJackson #firstcelebritycrush @VancityJax"

Meg ‏@MSB_0702 Nov 11
Mighty Ducks on @MTV makes me so happy! My love for @VancityJax hasn't faded since!

Ace *
‏@AceMc122 Nov 11
Charlie Conway was my favorite Duck growing up @VancityJax #TheMightyDucks

Rick Slusher ‏@TheSlush Nov 11
Just spotted @VancityJax at my local @ChipotleTweets. Not sure what he ordered, but he strikes me as a barbacoa type of guy.

Jess ‏@jessaford Nov 11
"we're ducks and ducks fly together" on @HowToGetAwayABC = '92 love (cc: @VancityJax ) (gotta enjoy the little things when we can)
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My love for Josh Jackson knows no bounds

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