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Originally Posted by Slayerette89 (View Post)
I feel like Rory was robbed off the opportunity to bounce back from this downward spiral...., but I wanted her passion for life, learning and work to reemerge. I can imagine it happened eventually, but it’s not as satisfactory as seeing it happen on screen.
Her passion for life and learning will most definitely come back with the birth of her child. I look at her having a child as the beginning of a new, hopeful chapter in her life and that this will be what saves her from the downward spiral. I agree that it'd be nice to see, but that still might happen if we get another season? Perhaps that's what they are hoping and holding out for?

Nah, it's such a nice and optimistic interpretation. Quite refreshing to read. And I agree with you that Logan =/=Christopher. But, at the same time, the Rory/Chrisopher scene and the final Jess/Luke scene made me think the writers really wanted to imply a CLL/LRJ parallel, which I really disliked. Not because of my character and ship preference. I like both CL and LL, as well as both RL and RJ (though single Rory is my preferred Rory ending). But I just find the parallel so forced and unnecessary. Never before the revival did I think there were any CL/RL or LL/RJ similarities, outside of Christopher and Logan having some similar character traits. And why should Rory’s life (or at least romantic life) parallel Lorelai’s is beyond me. So I'm definitely not going to imagine the story repeating itself, though I feel that might have been what the writers wanted us to.
But here's the thing, history won't repeat itself because Rory's story will be completely different from Lorelai's as she's an entirely different person. Sure, there's a familiar parallel, but there's still so much variation to be had in Rory's future SL for me to even consider a direct parallel. Sorry, direct correllations like that don't make sense because too many variables enter into the equation to change the outcome. (sorry, that's my scientific mind's response )

Good point about the book. That way they would have still had the nice Jess and Rory/Jess moment they were going for, but would have also allowed Rory to take more initiative with her own writing.
I agree with Karen's wish that it should've been Rory's idea for the book. They still could've had a nice RJ moment without that.
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