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She looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Originally Posted by Talula78 (View Post)
I didn't take issue with her regression because I believe that to be normal in life. Sometimes it's one step forward two steps back, but it's how we live and learn and people don't just get over their issues, some live on to repeat them. If anything, it's kind of comforting to me to watch her screw up and flail. I enjoy watching people's flaws and where they go from points of destruction.
I feel the same way. Which is why I didn’t dislike Rory’s sl this revival until the very end. Maybe it’s my own feelings about pregnancy&motherhood clouding my judgment, but the final words were such a downer for me. Also, I feel like Rory was robbed off the opportunity to bounce back from this downward spiral. Unlike in s6, where she bounced back beautifully imo (I know a lot of ppl don’t like s6 or later-season Rory, but I really enjoyed watching her get back on track, even if she ended up catching up with her studies faster than is realistic). I didn’t need her to end the show over the top successful and 100% happy (that kind of endings I find quite off-puting tbh), but I wanted her passion for life, learning and work to reemerge. I can imagine it happened eventually, but it’s not as satisfactory as seeing it happen on screen.

Originally Posted by Talula78 (View Post)
Rory will be fine, she's just understandably nervous about motherhood and how it will affect her life. I don't see that ending as depressing or total regression, it's progression as in she's progressing to the next stage in her life which will be peppered with both happiness and sadness and fear and hope.Now, please be gentle with the tomato throwing?
Nah, it's such a nice and optimistic interpretation. Quite refreshing to read. And I agree with you that Logan =/=Christopher. But, at the same time, the Rory/Chrisopher scene and the final Jess/Luke scene made me think the writers really wanted to imply a CLL/LRJ parallel, which I really disliked. Not because of my character and ship preference. I like both CL and LL, as well as both RL and RJ (though single Rory is my preferred Rory ending). But I just find the parallel so forced and unnecessary. Never before the revival did I think there were any CL/RL or LL/RJ similarities, outside of Christopher and Logan having some similar character traits. And why should Rory’s life (or at least romantic life) parallel Lorelai’s is beyond me. So I'm definitely not going to imagine the story repeating itself, though I feel that might have been what the writers wanted us to.

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I just had a slight problem with Rory because she felt OOC for me despite knowing that regression etc. is normal. But i'm not sure if you totally go OOC in those moments though.

Plus I wish she had come up with the concept of the book herself, i'm okay with someone suggesting to think outside the box like a book. I just wish the subject would have been her own idea.
If you don't mind elaborating, which parts felt particularly ooc to you?

Good point about the book. That way they would have still had the nice Jess and Rory/Jess moment they were going for, but would have also allowed Rory to take more initiative with her own writing.
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