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I didn't take issue with her regression because I believe that to be normal in life. Sometimes it's one step forward two steps back, but it's how we live and learn and people don't just get over their issues, some live on to repeat them. If anything, it's kind of comforting to me to watch her screw up and flail. I enjoy watching people's flaws and where they go from points of destruction. Rory will be fine, she's just understandably nervous about motherhood and how it will affect her life. I don't see that ending as depressing or total regression, it's progression as in she's progressing to the next stage in her life which will be peppered with both happiness and sadness and fear and hope. The difference between this and Lorelai raising Rory on her own is that Rory has an enormous web of support from family and friends. I've no doubt Logan will be a MUCH better and more present father than Christopher ever was. So, I don't look at it negatively at all, I look at it positively and my love for this character grew exponentially throughout this revival. Now, please be gentle with the tomato throwing?
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