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Originally Posted by jakesprincess (View Post)
yeah that's exactly how we feel! it's been this way for so long now and even though i love mila and the board i do think it's time.
Yea, I completely understand. I will miss this forum, but it is what it is.

I am not sure where I will go for any Mila feedback or forums. I really don't think I will bother with IMDB anymore for the reasons I said. They take all the fun out of it with all the trolls and the negative comments about her. I never really understand trolls. I never understand how it makes them feel better about themselves to degrade a successful actress and celebrity. But apparently their lives are so devoid of joy they try to make themselves feel better. But it is not fun to read or spend time in forums like that.

As for Mila and what is happening now....... I LOVE her as an actress. I became such a fan of hers because I think she is incredibly beautiful. I honestly think she is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but beauty in Hollywood really is a dime a dozen....what sold me on her was her personality. The combination of those looks with that personality was amazing. And she had such an energy on screen....she had "it" whatever it is.

But really ever since Jupiter Ascending ended and she immediately went to work on starting a family with Kutcher it just has not been the same. As much as I have enjoyed coming here, it gets to a point when the only thing to view is pictures of her pregnant, or pictures with her walking around with Ashton or her daughter it all gets kind of pointless.

Especially when you know how much Ashton and Mila hate having their daughter photographed.

I always liked getting a little peak inside her personal life....and back in the day it was fun to see her photographed once in a while walking around a coffee shop with her friends or whatever. But mostly what I loved and wanted to see were pictures of her latest photoshoot in GQ or Esquire. Or her posing on the red carpet of her latest Film. Or getting the news that she would be on late night TV to promote her latest film. Or just learn that she had just signed on for her new film project.

That is what I was interested in. It has been years ago of course, but I still remember how excited I was when I learned she was starring in a film directed by Darren Aronofsky because I was such a fan of his work. And sure enough he got the best performance out of her that led to her only serious award recognition.

But when she pretty much walks away from the business there just isn't much left.....I looked at it like an amazing break and luck when she did Bad Moms. Lots of luck came together in order for her to do that film.....the original producers left the project so Mila even got offered the role and of course they end up filming in New Orleans, the hometown of Ashton's sister so it made it easy for the family while she worked.

I just feel like Mila has very little interest in working in front of the camera anymore. And let's face it, as she gets older the offers will become far and few between anyway. Hollywood is a tough business with women as they get older.

Again as a fan of her and her work, it really is kind of sad. But at least we got that small window of time that we did.
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