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It probably is for the best. Obviously I am a huge Mila fan otherwise I would not visit this forum. And part of what brought me here is I got tired of going to large message board sites, such as IMDB for Mila because they are dominated by trolls.

It was nice to come somewhere like here where it was positive feedback from actual fans. But Mila made a choice with her life to concentrate on her personal life, and get married and start a family. And the reality is she barely has a professional career anymore. Since August of 2013 when she wrapped Jupiter Ascending, she has made 1 film in almost 3 1/2 years! And with baby number 2 later this month I am sure she will not work on another film for at least another 1 1/2 years!

So you are talking about making one film over a 5 year span. You just aren't going to drive much internet traffic or interest in an actress if she never works professionally anymore. I know she has her production company and will continue to do that, but that won't draw fans interest in her.

I am happy for Mila. I am glad she has the life she wants for herself, but as a fan of her as an actress I really miss her. But I don't think she is going to work much in the film industry again. I've heard rumors there may be a Bad Moms 2, and I am sure she will do a couple more films down the road at some point. But right now I think it will be a long time before that happens.

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