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I have to say, I do love all the Elena scenes and flashbacks. I feel like it has to mean something if they keep showing her. AND WE GOT TO SEE LIZ AGAIN. SFDSFFDSDS.

This whole siren storyline is weird. And I don't really find her very intimidating or creepy. More just . . . annoying.
THIS. Sybil is one of the most annoying/boring characters ever on this show, let me tell you. She’s definitely not scary. She was scarier in 801 when she didn’t talk. And why does she even care about these people? Seriously.

I would think they would do something like maybe bring back someone to be the villain or just make Damon the bad guy because *insert reason here*, but to introduce someone so lame and new mythology that makes no sense on top of that...just not into it.
Yeah I agree. Damon could have easily just been the main villain again without his knowledge or wahtever, they could have “defeated” Sybil in a 2/3 episodes or so and then centered on that because it feels lame to have the FINAL season revolve around this. Why couldn't they have just defeated her this episode? UGH.

I guess I am the only one who doesn't care about Tyler. The writers never cared for him, so why should I and the last episode just proves it. His death or fake death or whatever the hell that was.. it literally made me feel nothing.
I agree with you Nikki. I never really cared about Tyler and it never really seemed the writers did either so I dont care if he died or if he wasn’t going to come back or whatever. IDK, his character just felt a bit random to me and they didn’t ever go places with him like they could have I guess? I don’t know. I do agree with others though it was totally out of nowhere and random though. I feel like it has to be a fake out because it just felt weird in the episode. Why was it even necessary? Sybil thinks killing Tyler will hurt everyone around Damon? I'm really confused. They could have at least had Tyler more in the episodes/season? Michael looked hot though!

I do agree this was the most boring episode of the season so far, too much Sybil , it would nice to get this SL over and done with. Oh and as for the Bonnie/Damon comments from her, I felt like that was just a way for the writers to shut that down again by proving that Bonnie only had romantic feelings for him. Her choosing Enzo only proved that to me as well and I am glad that she did.

The A/S/C scene at the end kicking butt was the best part of the episode. I also loved Stefan picking Damon because well, I love their broship but maybe thats just me. And of course Stefan/Caroline are always amazing. Stefan/Alaric talking was great.
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