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Of the 3 episodes that have aired so far, this was my least favorite. 80% of the show was Sybil talking nonsense, it was like listening to fanfiction. Instead of constantly wondering out loud about Bonnie's relationships, why didn't she just go in her head to find out? It's better to show than tell, and we could've gotten new flashbacks of Bamon's time in the prison world and Bonenzo's time in the cabin.

Stefan, Enzo, Bonnie, and Tyler all had their stupid moments.
Stefan - why didn't he just snap Denzo's necks right before the fight started? they would have been knocked out for a good 5 minutes
Enzo - why would he let Sybil know that Bonnie is the only one who can trigger his humanity? of course she's gonna want Bonnie dead after hearing that.
Bonnie - was she serious, scolding Stefan for choosing his own blood over a guy who used to make his life hell? Stefan has never given af about Enzo, the only reason why he held the fight off for so long was because of Bonnie. But even if he was friends with Enzo, Damon has always been his number 1 and always will be, Bonnie should know that by now.
Tyler - once Damon started walking away, he should have got in his car and drove away! Why stand there and poke the bear?

I'm wondering where Alaric's other intern is. Is he in on all of this?
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