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Originally Posted by lafcia (View Post)
There needs to be something big and rather shocking I hope. There are different scenarios for his arc out there already. That he is alchemy, that he was a meta in FP and will get his powers now at some point, that he'll be a meta against The Flash and after last ep that he will actually be a good character. And in order for his arc to have a real "WTF? I didn't see that coming!" factor it needs to be something totally different that those speculations.
i agree

side note some prettiees

Along with multiple infractions, repeated absences, disappearing throughout the day,
phone call interruptions, guests in the lab. The list is pretty extensive, Captain.

and BFFs

lathoma3: Trendiana Jones in da hiz 🕵🏼
he wants us to pick up
where he left off, you know,
saving people, hunting thingsthe family business.
supernatural 300 episodes
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