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So this episode was pretty good, but also dumb in some stuff *cough* Tyler's "death" *cough*.

Loved that Bonnie chose Enzo. I was worried, but was really happy she put Enzo first. About time someone cares about Enzo.

Really loved that Caroline decided to stick by Bonnie this episode. It was nice that she put her friendship first. It's extremely rare when you see the girls sticking by each other and not putting their love interests over them.

I'm guessing the sister siren is the nanny. And maybe the twins are also sirens since they were affected by the scepter thing . The siren stuff is lame. Over it already.

Guessing Alaric is gonna hook up with his student since she knows about everything now...bleh. Really wish she wasn't his student. It's so creepy.

June wedding stuff needs to die a quick death. Ugh.

Not sure why Bonnie was so upset with Stefan for picking Damon. That's like Salvabros 101 . Why would he put Enzo before Damon? So stupid. Though didn't understand why he didn't just snap both their necks to begin with.

And finally the last 2mins of the episode...SO. STUPID. This best be a fake out because I have never seen a more stupid death in my life.

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