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Ughh, I can't wait for tomorrow night. I have a feeling we're in for a lot more angst now that Sybil knows about Bonnie.

Originally Posted by hurricane eyes (View Post)
I think Enzo deals with being a vampire. He has no complaints with the lifestyle and embraces it because he can't change it. I don't think he would be averse to becoming human though. His biggest issue as a human was that he had no family and no one who cared about him. Now he has Bonnie and I think he would gladly give up being a vampire to have a family with her. The difference between him and Damon being that Enzo doesn't really care about being a vampire or being human I believe. He just always wanted a family who loved him.
I remember Enzo telling Sarah he loves being a vampire because he's strong and fast and rich. Considering how poor and fragile he was as a human, being a vampire was probably a huge relief for him and he wouldn't want to go back to that. As it currently stands, Bonnie and Enzo have no choice but continue their lives the way it is now because there isn't a second cure and the sleeping beauty curse won't allow Bonnie to turn into a vampire. But if they had options, I think Enzo would prefer if Bonnie turned so they could be together forever.
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