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Originally Posted by Jewelstone (View Post)
Maybe calling it ooc was a stretch, but Enzo does love being a vampire, especially since his human life was so horrible. IIRC, Enzo was against Damon turning human for Elena even tho he knew it was for love. I guess it's possible he has changed his mind since finding his own human love, tho.
I think his objection to Damon wanting to turn human for Elena was because it wasn't something he ever wanted. He knew Damon loved being a vampire too much to ever really be happy as a human.

I think Enzo deals with being a vampire. He has no complaints with the lifestyle and embraces it because he can't change it. I don't think he would be averse to becoming human though. His biggest issue as a human was that he had no family and no one who cared about him. Now he has Bonnie and I think he would gladly give up being a vampire to have a family with her. The difference between him and Damon being that Enzo doesn't really care about being a vampire or being human I believe. He just always wanted a family who loved him.
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