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Threads 50-99

Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #50: Because it's been 50 threads and we're only just beginning!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #51: Because they have the most adorable facial expressions around each other!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #52: Because Summer always believed in and supported Ryan!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #53: B/C their shows give us more chances to make manips and gifs of these hot pockets!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #54: B/C They always had each other's backs!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #55: b/c it's a good time to be shipping R/S!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #56: Did you not see all the times that Ryan was checking her out?!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #57: B/C "Look who I found!"
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #58: B/c they both have the same hearts
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #59: b/c we can see that they both care about each other
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #60: Chino? Eww!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #61: B/C they both have issues to work out with their mamas!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #62: B/C she's into that whole brooding badboy thing
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #63: b/c Summer always knows when he's lying
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #64: "I’m giving you advice because you’re my friend."
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #65: B/C Zoe is only allowed a new love interest on HoD if he's played by Ben!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #66: "I need to get radical. I need Ryan." - Summer
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #67: B/C she was the first girl in Newport to make a move on him
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #68: B/C "Just try to keep up with me!"
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #69: "I mean, yeah, Ryan's violent but he's not stupid!"
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #70: Because our very own Summer Roberts is expecting a baby! Congratulations Rachel
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #71: 'Let's stick together, come on.'
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #72: B/C "Rachel is an incredible, incredible girl." - Ben McKenzie
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #73: B/C Ben has already offered to babysit for Rachel!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #74: B/C it's almost 2015 and there's still love for Ryan and Summer!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #75: The first of many Ryan/Summer threads in 2015!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #76: B/C our little family is back together now!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #77: B/C we love seeing Ryan smile more when he's around Summer!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #78: "We leave no man behind! Look, Lindsay may have turned her back on Ryan, but we won't."
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #79: "I remember when I first heard about Summer"
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #80: b/c these two are so competitive imagine what they could achieve on the same team!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #81: No wonder we started shipping R/S with Ryan always checking her out!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #82: 'I remember when I first heard about Summer'
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #83: 'You're going to kill us all with a chainsaw?'
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #84: "We all go down together"
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #85: B/C what we have here is very special!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #86: B/C He could never stay mad at her!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #87: B/C she thought he looked cute in his graduation gown!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #88: "Ryan facing off with Trey to defend your honor? God, that is so freaking hot!"
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #89: Because he thinks it's really great that she's a genius
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #90: B/C Summer was the one who invited Ryan to Holly's Party
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #91: B/C they're always in sync
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #92: "You actually invited me to Holly's beach house"
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #93: B/C Ryan knows that Summer's always right!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #94: Because they care about each other's happiness!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #95: b/c they had the BEST HUG EVER!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #96: b/c they can make anything cute!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #97: b/c Summer had a habit of looking jealous!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #98: "I gave all the best of me, to prove that our love was meant to be..."
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #99: b/c they like standing and sitting next to each other
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