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Sharpay Evans ♥ #14 || "Sharpay Evans, you're in the wrong costume."

Sharpay Evans Appreciation #14

Sharpay Evans wants it all.
She's absolutely fabulous and she knows it;
and isn't going to stop until she reaches the top.

In High School Musical 1 we learn that Sharpay is infamous
among the walls of East High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
She's misunderstood by some, labelled as an 'ice princess', but she
doesn't let their opinions get her down. She knows that she is
talented and that she is destined for stardom.
"My brother and I have starred in all the school's productions."

Auditions for the winter musicale are coming up and Sharpay is
more determined than ever to score the leading role. It seems
like she has it in the bag, she and her twin brother Ryan are the
school drama club stars, after all.

East High is thrown into turmoil by the unexpected auditions of
Gabriella and Troy, and Sharpay in particular is thrown. Call back
is not a term she has been made familiar with over the course of her
seventeen school productions.
"This is not what I want; this is not what I planned."

Some would call her manipulative, but Sharpay would perceive it
as going after what she wants and not stopping until she achieves
her goals - and her goal is to play the role of Minnie, lucky role eighteen.

The notion of not having a starring role in Twinkle Towne is
somewhat blasphemous to her: not because she wants to exclude
others, but because she's passionate about the stage and performing;
and dedicates her life to her talent.
"We have to save our show from people who don't know the difference between a Tony Award and Tony Hawk."

Despite Sharpay's efforts and interventions, the role of Minnie goes to
Gabriella, this doesn't deter Sharpay from being passionate about
performing and over time, serves as a reminder of just how much she
wants it all.

In High School Musical 2, we see Sharpay entering into her
summer vacation still reeling from the trying year gone by and
losing her role in the winter musical. However it is summer and
things are looking up for East High's primo girl.
"It's summer, Ry. Everything changes."

Sharpay has the Lava Springs country club at her disposal for her
entire summer - with the pool, the spa and most importantly, the annual
Lava Springs talent show and the Star Dazzle award which is up for grabs.

She knows that she can be a little demanding, but she cannot help
that she knows exactly the way she likes things: lots of ice in her
English imported iced tea, adequate space to display her trophies –
and one simple request that Lava Springs manager Mr. Fulton hire
Troy Bolton: whatever it takes.
"She needs a little fabulous; is that so wrong?"

A girl can only sing with her brother for so long, and Troy seems
like the ideal boyfriend - her parents love him, he has a bright
future ahead and his sideline talent of performing is a perfect
match for Sharpay which will surely guarantee her yet another
Star Dazzle award.

Even the unexpected hiring of all the other Wildcats – who Sharpay
doesn’t consider her ‘chumps’ – isn’t something that Sharpay will
let stand in her way. Sharpay knows that her family has the
resources and connections which Troy could take advantage of,
and she’s quick to use her powers of persuasion to direct things
to be just the way she wants them. However no one is more
surprised than Sharpay when Troy doesn’t quite respond to
her efforts as planned, and her own twin brother has suffered
in the path of her manipulations.
"Right now, I think I like you better than I like myself. Did I just say that?"

Ultimately Sharpay proves that for all her faults, that she isn’t
completely heartless and is capable of conceding when she is
wrong. She redeems herself in the end by setting things right,
ensuring the Star Dazzle award goes to who earned it most –
and does it with style.

High School Musical 3 sees senior year at East High School
and Sharpay is facing the prospect of the future. She’s thought of
nothing but the performing arts and her aspirations and dreams
are clear.
"What do I want? Gosh, I wouldn’t know where to begin. But I know where it ends: center stage, a single spotlight..."

She knows that she is going to be a star, but the route of achieving
her dreams is up in the air. A Juilliard scholarship is up for grabs and
now that she has an assistant to attend to life’s menial tasks, Sharpay
believes that for certain that the scholarship is hers.

Despite her confidence, she cannot help but want to take every
measure possible to ensure that her path is smooth and that the
spring show is indeed the platform it should be to demonstrate
just how worthy she is of the scholarship.
"I want the world nothing less, all the glam and the press only giving you the best reviews, I want it all."

Her interventions prove fruitless when fate itself is responsible
for making things go just the way that Sharpay desires – performing
Kelsi’s latest power ballad with Troy.

Show night arrives and things don’t quite run smoothly – the message
is never communicated to Sharpay that Troy is absent and he is being
replaced by the under rehearsed understudy Jimmie, her beautiful
ballad becomes a comedy routine and then she is betrayed by her
seemingly sweet assistant.
"Sharpay Evans: you're in the wrong costume."

In true Sharpay fashion, she picks herself up and puts a smile on
her face, emerging more fabulous than ever. She fights her way
back on stage in a featured role, and despite the Juilliard scholarship
falling out of her grasp she finds a way to prove victorious regardless.

Sharpay’s Fans
I'll Never Be Her
-Beautiful Disaster-
Rain Sierra
everyday's a daydream
You. Yes. You.
Blair Waldorf
Melanie Garcia
take the wheel
fifty springs
~ Fire & Ice ~

Reasons We Think She’s Fabulous
Because she has been in 17 school productions.
Because she's gotten the lead in every school play since kindergarten.
Because she has the best clothes.
Because her screams are the best!
Because she is a blonde bombshell.
Because she is fabulous!
Because she's what we've been looking for.
Because she is gonna bop to the top.
Because her song reprises rock.
Because she's everyone's favorite drama queen.
Because she looks great with everyone.
Because she really does have a good heart.
Because she is East High's primo girl.
Because no one else could look that good with a pineapple on their head.
Because she has pink, personalised golf balls.
Because, "gimme a beat."
Because she never lies, except when necessary.
Because the senior year spring musical would have been awesome as a one-woman show.
Because she wants it all.
Because she truly rocks the stage.
Because in both the wrong and right costumes, she still looked fabulous.
Because she is so fabulous, she submitted a boxful of photos for the yearbook.
Because her dog has as many fabulous outfits as she does.
Because she needs her own personal assistant.
Because performers can't fool her.
Because, "it's ours, Ryan."
Because the show must go on.
Because she knows where it ends; center stage, a single spotlight.
Because entertainers are so temperamental.
Because she can hold hands around the campfire some other time, right now she has a show to do.

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