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okay so, i really loved the episode Grant played it soo sooo well

i do love that the first one he went to and told about the timeline was felicity, its soo cute really that he trusts her THAT much !

i liked that he owned up to his mistake this time and is moving forward, and i thank his doubleganger father for that, cause the speech he gave, i think barry needed to hear that somehow, also because maybe he somehow got it in, cause he looked like his father

so Cisco , coming to safe barry at the last second was kind of awesome
i feel sad for cisco that his brother is dead tough his emotinoal scenes got me crying, i havent seen cisco like that, it was nice seeing him more serious, angry and sad somehow, and carlos played it soo well with much emotion

and we got some more caitlin which i like, and wholy snap at the end, her hands was freezing so are we finally getting our killer frost story now
and when or will she tell Barry and the others about it?

and diggle having a boy and not girl what does that mean?

i loved that Iris stood up for Barry when everyone was kind of wooowed about he just them about the timeline, i love iris, and we saw her on work, i liked that not much but a bit

so this alchemy guy, then i guess he will give wally his speed back somehow maybe? but he is creepy as frack that is for sure !!

i wonder where wells is at

ooh and the trailer in the OP u have made, some is from season two other from it is from other episodes
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