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So now that I've finally caught up with the previous seasons, I was finally able to watch the premiere! And as always, the running commentary!

This is the first time I'll have to watch these shows with commercials
You alright buddy?
The Rival vs Kid Flash.... mmm
Fancy mask ears, bro...
Hey I know who you are, kid
Nervous nut..
They don't know each other
Deep breath, so many words..
Well she said yes!
MY MAN! Oooh he's captain...
Where's Joe, what's the matter?
And when you say friend, do you mean "person I loathe"?
Built him a little prison, did ya...
Barry, this road is not good for you...
Mama and Papa! ❤
Still living at home? Maybe not for long?
More Joe trouble...
Oh Joseph...
Well this won't be awkward at all
Oh, memories going away there?
Okay that didn't work... but hurray for bins!
Wally yeah!
Ha, well here we are
Thunderstruck nitro and a coma!
Brother sister crime fighting!
CISCO!! Ramon Industries!
She has to crouch
Barry is loving this...
I don't know you, string bean
Awww Cisco backstory
And now those memories are going...
Time concrete, we don't want that...
Oh good, now we're sharing, yes
The man will make his own dry erase board if there's not one
Caitlin you're here!
Well at least you're still a puppy
"Excuse me, have I been kidnapped?" "Unclear..."
You really are...
This is what love feels like ❤
The quick is strong with this Snow
I thought it was gonna be someone we knew...
Wally nay!
Oh no that's not good... bye bye Flash...
Weather Wizard
Good pep talk, made his memories come back!
Thought you'd get the drop on him, but Joe for the save!
Make things right!
Dude, being hella cryptic
Losing memories again...
Don't make him say it!
What's up now?
I get to be the hero... oh man..
Aaaand we're back... yeah?
Oh what now?
Hugging the Wally, yeah
Where's Iris??
They don't talk...
Hello disembodied voice...
} Rose {
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