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Originally Posted by Memento Vivere (View Post)
I thought Cancer Man was blown up in the S9 finale… So why was he in S10??? I wouldn’t mind William starting off “bad” as long as it was well played. Sometimes especially with kids/ teens it can make them permanently unlikeable because they come off as whiny little b-words.

Stewie, the Lone Gunmen…
It depends on the actor. The kid that played Connor (Angel's son in Angel Buffy's spin off)was very unlikeable as a bad guy. He turned good and he was just awesome. The same thing happened with Eve (Xena's daugther) and I think she did well although as a good girl she was kind of bland and quickly left the show so maybe that wasn't that good of a transition after all :/ The X-files has a long line of evil kids/teens so I'm sure they can pull it off specially since I suspect William is supposed to follow on Mulder and Scully footsteps eventually. Time will tell.

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