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Scott Michael Foster #6: Because he's hiking the mountains right into our hearts!

Welcome to the 6th Scott Michael Foster Appreciation Thread!

This thread is dedicated to the charismatic actor, Scott Michael Foster, who is most well-known for his roles on Greek & Chasing Life.

1. keep the starlight
2. Dorkodancer147
3. ***BLONDIE***
4. hunee
5. crisTM
6. DreamWalker
7. Beautiful Blur
8. mjgchick
9. kbear78
10. tooty
11. onetreehill1216
12. a*shot*of*whiskey
13. HaleyBub
14. xTommyxQxLovex
15. OneTreeHunny
16. loveelle25
17. Luna8
18. mara_loves_cappie
19. My Kind Of Crazy
20. dancing in the rain
21. Queen of Babble
22. Cadenf
23. Chace's Only Kitten
24. Tuh-V8

Misc Projects:

+ Once Upon a Time
Plot: A woman with a troubled past is drawn to a New England town where fairy tales are to be believed.
Scott will play Kristoff, a hearty, salt-of-the-earth ice cutter whose sometimes gruff demeanor can hide his deep love for Anna and her sister Elsa.
Visit for more info.

+ My Dead Boyfriend
Plot: A woman discovers who her couch potato boyfriend really was after she finds him dead at home.
Visit the film's IMDB page for more info.

Upcoming Projects:

+ My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Plot: TBA

+ Must Feed and Water
Plot: Imagine love is a little monster that follows you and your loved one everywhere you go. Imagine this creature's survival is tied to the way you treat each other. Every time you fight, the little monster gets sick; every time you treat each other with kindness and respect, the monster becomes stronger! This is the dilemma faced by Alex and Hazel as they embark on a new relationship. Can they keep their Love Monster alive?
Visit the short film's Official Page or Facebook Page for more info.

+ Boom
Plot: A couple looks to cash in on the modern-day oil boom in North Dakota.
Visit the show's IMDB page for more info.

Scott's Campaign Thread
Anna ღ Kristoff {OUAT} #2
Scott's IMDB Page
Scott's Twitter
Scott's Instagram

Chasing Life "Leo" Scene:

"I'm being serious. We both love each other. We've talked before about how our relationship isn't normal, so why follow normal conventions?
I'm learning every day that I have Now, it's bonus time. And we don't know what's gonna happen to either of us in a year or even tomorrow. So ... will you marry me? "

Greek "Cappie" Scene:

How you feeling, you good? Okay. I want you to relax, alright?
You know, there are these moments in life when you are confronted with something that you think is monumental but ten, twenty years down the road, you look back and you laugh...
This is not one of those moments! This is the most important thing that could ever happen to you or any of us in this entire world. Good luck, don't lose.

Previous Thread:
Scott Michael Foster #5: Because Once Upon A Time He's Chasing a Life of Blood & Oil!
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