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#5 - Sarah, Lisa, April, Paula, Alexa, Kate, Steph (7)

And the winning quote for Jasper is:
We're running towards the war drums? I hate this plan.

Each round, we'll eliminate our least favorite quote until there is one left for this character. In the end, the best quotes for each character will go up against each other in an All Star Game

Each round: 6 votes or 48h with the most votes to be out.




1. Connor: "I put the rope around your neck. Why are you helping me? Murphy: Bygones.

2. Well, I think the Princess is dead, but I know the King's about to die, so who's really going to lead these people, huh? Me, that's who, and, yeah, maybe I'll have to kill your Grounder-pounding little sister...

3. Visit your special tree when you were out there?

4. You got it all wrong, Bellamy. I don't want you to say anything. I want you to feel what I felt, and then... I want you to die.


5. What? You think you play by different rules?

6. I don't have to answer to anyone.

7. This is for tying the noose they hung me with. Say hi to Connor for me.

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