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When Miles and Zoe were introduced they were hooking up with each other, now they're both LGBT characters.
Random.. and perhaps out of character... but as a gay dude I don't mind at all!
But I do think they have a tendency to 'turn characters gay' for storyline purpose.
Like with Paige, Alex, Fiona, Imogen.. now it's Miles, Zoe and Grace (sort of) [Did I miss anyone?]
It'd be nice to have a lesbian who already knew she was gay from the start.
Well we had Jack, but Jack was more of a supporting character to Imogen's storyline. With no real focus on her or her family.
Marco and Riley had to deal with homophobes and being called Fags, but we never got to see that kind of coming out story from a girls' perspective.
Younger generations are more accepting of gay people nowadays so perhaps we missed out on that.
With this cast of characters there isn't a single one that really cares about whos gay like the way Spinner, Jay, Hazel, Owen. etc. had a problem with it.
Oh well, I can always rewatch South of Nowhere.
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