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Originally Posted by Lionheart Queen (View Post)
I loved the flashbacks ... they were really in love at one point so I wonder if they'll ever get to that point again. I think the loss of their child (Petra miscarried, right?) really affected them.
Yes, unfortunately Petra miscarried and I liked that it was brought back up when Petra was on bed rest with the twins and kept firing the doctors because they kept telling her she would be fine when that's what the doctors said before her miscarriage they made it seem like she was just being picky when it actually came from a really deep emotional wound.

Originally Posted by Madame Regal (View Post)
ok I just finished the show and rafael and anneshka? really? he was with Petra for 5 years and doesnt notice when he is not sleeping with her but her sister? gah lol. wonder how that turns out
Ha this reaction cracks me up but I don't fault Raf really because he certainly was tricked and as far as he knew Aneska was a good person because he knew how much Petra loved her although I will say when I rewatch that sex scene, Aneska did have a really weird and different expression that Petra never did so that part was odd but I imagine Raf wasn't looking at her when she did this

Originally Posted by Madame Regal (View Post)
I didnt mean my comment against rafael per se. I just meant it in the TV show style and storyline point of view.
I get it, I think your post was fair but I also think that rape is such a touchy subject so there's bound to be some differing opinions. I think with TV we should be able express how we feel even if it might not be something you'd say or think if it was real life. I actually never even thought about Raf sleeping with Petra for 5 years until your post and it got me thinking. But I think the twin thing really did make it impossible for him not to know even if he was familiar with Petra in the bedroom

It's definitely wrong what happened to him, and I don't think you implied that it was right. You were simply reacting in my opinion

Everyone of you that watches Once upon a time knows that they ALSO had this topic wiht Zelena and Robin and let me tell you I am TOALLY against that. I also find that storyline bad for Rafael and I HOPE that it will be somehow mentioned
I'm a oncer

Originally Posted by Aurora Cormier (View Post)
What scene are you guys talking about?
We are talking about the sex scene in the finale between Rafael and Aneska
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