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Avril Lavigne Crossword #3 - They are not easy, but worth the effort.

Hints would be too easy.

Please only answer one at a time. Refresh to see updates.

3. In "Smile" __ and Coffee is listed second on the Daily Specials at the price of __.
6. In Smile you can see a tattoo on her right arm that says __.
10. When she was showing her old bedroom on the "My World" DVD she had a shirt on that says __.
14. In Sk8er Boi one of the street signs said __ District.
15. In Sk8er Boi someone paints Avril's star so that the center of the star has a(n) __.
17. In Sk8er Boi someone is hanging off a pole that has a sign that indicates __ on it.
19. One of the signs Avril walks by is for a(n) __.
20. In Smile, a tattoo with the word(s) __ is visible on her left arm.
22. The Timeport in Sk8er Boi was put out by __ (company name seen in the video)
23. The shirt that Avril is wearing in the Mobile music video is __ in colour.
24. In [answer to 11D] probably refers to __ in this case.
25. In Smile there is a lot of posters on the wall of the same thing which says Avril Lavigne __.
27. In Smile, the spot with the Daily Specials said __ at the top with a flag next to it.
28. In Sk8er Boi one of the street signs said Do Not __.


1. __ is written on the back of the car (trunk) in Smile.
2. In "Smile" the last price on the Daily Specials is __.
4. In Smile Avril is wearing a necklace when she is out walking that says __ on it.
5. The car mentioned in Smile had the license plate __.
7. In Smile the word __ is on the wall in the background.
8. In the Mobile music video Avril is wearing a shirt that says __ on it.
9. __ is written on a door Avril walks by near the car in Smile.
11. In Smile Avril walks by a car that has __ written on the backside of it.
12. In Sk8er Boi, the side of the bus that someone rides a bike out of says __ in smaller letters.
13. In "Smile" __ is listed first on the Daily Specials at the price of __.
14. In Smile there seems to be a misspelled word on one of the signs Avril walks by, the word in question is __.
16. At the start of Smile, Avril is holding onto some __.
18. Avril is wearing a(n) __ on her head when walking down the street in Smile.
21. On the My World DVD Avril gets pulled over for driving a(n) __.
26. The police officer in the video was named __.
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