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No, lol, I didn't go to the opening ceremony, or Rio, I went to São Paulo to watch the two of the football matches - the football matches are happening all over the country, so they can use all the stadiums that were built for the World Cup

My mom only decided for sure that she wasn't coming with me one week before the games, and I still looked for hotels and plane tickets to Rio to go by myself, even though I wasn't super excited about that. Then, at the last minute, my sister texted me asking if I wanted to watch football in São Paulo, cause they already had tickets and weren't going to use them anymore (my sister hurt her foot badly and can't walk much), and I thought...why not?? I mean, it was still the Olympics, which was all I really cared about going to Rio, the games. All the other stuff, the sightseeing and the beaches will be there any other time at a much more reasonable price! I wouldn't have to pay for a hotel, transportation was super easy, AND I had company, my friend got super excited to go, so it all worked out in the end!

So, the first match was Canada x Zimbabwe. The whole stadium was rooting for Zimbabwe, because we knew they weren't gonna win, and when they finally scored everyone went craaaaaaazy, it was SO much fun! Paula and I couldn't stop thinking about this When Harry Met Sally scene:

cause every time we were talking, the crowd would do this

The second match was Australia/Germany, really cool too! I was REALLY surprised to enjoy it so much, but I'd definitely go to a game like this again!
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