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Vote for your least favorite scene.
First scene to get 5 votes or the one with the most votes after 48 hours is out.


"Nice jacket." 3x01


"Trikru is in here. And nothing can take that away from us." 3x01


Sleeping outside of camp. 3x01


"Smart move leaving that guard jacket inside." 3x02


"The kill order. We have to get you inside." 3x02


"I hope you're ready to face your feelings." 3x02


Arriving at Mount Weather. 3x02


"What happened?" 3x04


"Octavia. . . It'll pass." 3x04


"Get out of the way, Grounder." 3x04


Listening to Pike's speech. 3x05


"Lincoln!" "I'm okay, don't fight this." 3x05


Rescuing Lincoln. 3x09


"Lincoln please, we're almost out." 3x09


"Fine, I'm going with you." "I love you." 3x09


"Mebi oso na hit choda op nodotaim." 3x09
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