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Miller's best line in s01 was "She thinks she's a damn Samurai."

Also since apparently we all cannot count and were undecided to go with 4 or 6 votes to be out, I made it 5 votes now



1. You don’t like being called princess. Do you, princess?

2. Murphy: What, you think you play by different rules?
Finn: I thought there were no rules.

3. Unity Day is a lie

4. Well, if we weren't at war already, we sure as hell are now.

You didn’t have to trust the grounders. You just had to trust me.

Wells: Alcohol's toxic. Finn: This is Earth. Everything's toxic.

7. Why so serious Princess? It's not like we died in a fiery explosion.

I just wanted to have my first Earth sex. You were around, passably cute. . .

9. Dying in a fight you can't win isn't brave, Bellamy. It's stupid.

Each round, we'll eliminate our least favorite quote until there is one left for this character. In the end, the best quotes for each character will go up against each other in an All Star Game

Each round: 5 votes or 48h with the most votes to be out.

ETA I added some quotes (7 to 9). Thanks for your help, Paula!!!

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