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first round, easy one (and all I can manage in my current state)
Next rounds might be prettier and more elaborate



1. She thinks she's a damn Samurai.

2. You were a lot scarier when you had that face paint on.

3. Clarke, look! You can't save everyone, let's go!

4. You know the first thing I'm gonna do when we get to the beach?
Drew: "No, what?
I'm gonna go surfing.

Each round, we'll eliminate our least favorite quote until there is one left for this character. In the end, the best quotes for each character will go up against each other in an All Star Game

Each round: 4 votes or 48h with the most votes to be out (or shall we do 24h? this is supposed to be fast, right?)

ETA thx Paula for sending me Miller quotes. Apparently I had not noticed anything memorable by Miller *hangs her head in shame

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