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Originally Posted by alligatoruk (View Post)
Are salt and vinegar chips (crisps) a thing in the US or just Canada? They're big over here in the UK but I've not seen them in many other places. My favourite - wonder if Josh likes them too?!
I know Salt and Vinegar chips are a thing here in Canada and almost every brand of Chips they sell has that flavour.

Here's a fun article about the best flavour. We only have a couple of these brands where I live.

The Best Salt And Vinegar: A Potato Chip Taste Test

Sorry about going OT for a moment.

That painted pic definitely looks like Josh. The hair at the nape of his neck and the ears look very much like Josh and what we can see of the eyes too. The chin is a little pointy and thin, but it is a painting. It is very Observeresque if you ask me.
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