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Originally Posted by alligatoruk (View Post)
I think being with Diane gave him access to designers that probably wouldn't have dressed him previously, so that probably helped. But I agree that growing up probably would have meant a style evolution anyway.

I don't think there'll be any pressure on him to look "stylish" now but he'll still look great I'm sure. Bringing back the peacoat would definitely help.

The other thing that would help would be sorting out that mop - just let me get my hands on him...whoops, sorry it
Josh looks great in designer clothes, I'm surprised he hasn't done more style magazine shoots than he has...maybe he just had no interest. I suspect he now has his own fashion menswear contacts, but definitely, Diane opened that world to him.

I wonder where the fashion "friends" will land, in terms of J Wu etc. Obviously that crowd were Diane's friends, I guess we'll see if they stay in touch with Josh. I guess it will prob depend on if the split really is amicable or not. He didn't go to the J Wu wedding, maybe that's an indication, we did think that was odd at the time.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of the current hair either. Maybe it's "I don't give a damn I'm going through a breakup" hair.
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