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Originally Posted by Tracydeanne1 (View Post)
I have to admit that I'm glad she got him to dress a little better in some areas, those huge non tapered jeans he used to wear, ugh.

But I suspect some of the style change was also just natural evolution from a young man to an adult man. I think he would have changed his style eventually, although it may have taken longer if the clothes were still in his closet.

Bring back the peacoat!
I think being with Diane gave him access to designers that probably wouldn't have dressed him previously, so that probably helped. But I agree that growing up probably would have meant a style evolution anyway.

I don't think there'll be any pressure on him to look "stylish" now but he'll still look great I'm sure. Bringing back the peacoat would definitely help.

The other thing that would help would be sorting out that mop - just let me get my hands on him...whoops, sorry it
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