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I didn't know there was a Fang Gang thread! I've always been more of a Scooby Gang fan, but every time I watch the early seasons of AtS, I'm reminded of how much I love the Fang Gang and how much I adored their closeness. Perhaps my favorite Fang Gang is the end of "Dad" where Angel, Cordy, Wes, Gunn and Fred walk down the hospital hall with baby Connor in tow. It's probably the last time they really felt like a family.

Has anyone read the Angel: After the Fall comics? They're really great and they take place right after "Not Fade Away". Unlike Angel & Faith, where Gunn, Spike and Connor just made guest appearances,they are in After the Fall full-time (although Gunn is a vampire and the Big Bad). Illyria, who wasn't in A&F at all, is there as well and so is Wesley as a ghost.

I think of Angel & Faith as its own little title separate from Angel the Series, whereas After the Fall is truly an AtS comic. The entire Fang Gang is present, except for dear departed Doyle, Fred and Cordelia (although Cordy makes a guest appearance).

Contrary to popular opinion, I don't like the reunion arc in Angel & Faith. Gunn only had like two scenes, and I found the Angel/Connor dialogue to be extremely sappy and saccharine. It felt like they were saying 'I love you' every other page. But After the Fall is loaded with great Angel/Connor moments, that are hilarious and heartwarming, but are written well and not too sweet. A&F was decent and I do recommend it if you're an Angel/Faith fan, but if you want your real Fang Gang fix, then I highly recommend AtF as well.

What is your favorite incarnation of the Fang Gang (feel free to rank them)?

Angel/Cordy/Doyle (S1A)
Angel/Cordy/Wes (S1B)
Angel/Cordy/Wes/Gunn (S2A)
Cordy/Wes/Gunn (S2B)
Angel/Cordy/Wes/Gunn/Fred (S3A)
Angel/Cordy/Gunn/Fred/Lorne/Groo (S3B)
Angel/"Cordy"/Wes/Gunn/Fred/Lorne/Connor (S4)
Angel/Wes/Gunn/Fred/Lorne/Spike (S5A)
Angel/Wes/Gunn/Fred/Lorne/Spike/Illyria/Harmony (S5B)
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