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Vote for your least favorite moment.
The first one to get 5 votes or has the most votes after 24 hours will be eliminated!


First look 1x05


Please don't hurt me. 1x06


Thank you. You saved my life. 1x06


What the hell are you doing? 1x06


Octavia hits Lincoln 1x06


"The look" 1x07


He won't let me die 1x07


Thank you. 1x07


My name is Lincoln. 1x08


Just try to get as far away as you can, okay? 1x08


We'll make a warrior out of you yet. 1x09


Hug on the bridge. 1x09


Lincoln gets hit by an arrow. 1x09


I'm leaving Octavia, I want you to come with me. 1x10


I'm not going with you. Goodbye Lincoln. 1x10


I can help you but you need to come with me. 1x13

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