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Swingers { Dylan ♡ Kelly } #167 That morning when I called you on the boat ... all I really wanted to do was hear your voice.



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There's really no reason to be shy because "the only person you need permission from ... is yourself."

the characters ;
A passionate, sweet, and weathered soul, Dylan McKay presents the ultimate pallete
of thunderous emotion and paradox. He's a man who's both completely given up and is
astonishingly hopeful at all times. A cynical romantic, if you will. Nothing quite stamps out
his spirit or the tragedy which follows him. What keeps our boy grounded is a wonderfully
wry sense of humor, piercing sentimentality, and a firm belief in visceral, unchecked
self-expression. This can make him a bit of a hedonist at times and/or showcase a
destructive side but, more sensitive and open than most give credit for, he loves easily and
he loves hard. At the forefront is a desire to be part of a family and judged as separate from
his father’s legacy of corruption. Loyal and encouraging to friends, this natural loner is
always there to reiterate the importance of knowing who you are, staying true to it, and going
for what you want. Nothing makes Dylan happier than watching those around him grow, and
Kelly is certainly no exception. Ideally, all he needs is some sand, a good book, and his best girl.
Maybe some peach pie.

Interests include: poetry, environmentalism, classic film, writing, water sports.
Special honor as: The primary teacher and brother figure to the gang.
Famous for: Waiting on Kelly to come back to him.
Lesson he represents: Be true to yourself at all costs.
Main influence with this pairing: [Freedom, identity, courage, self-respect,
vulnerability]. The first man to meaningfully appreciate her beyond sex or status, challenging
the belief that she's unlovable.
Kelly Taylor is the perfect combination of strength, vulnerability, snark, and sweetness.
She breaks your heart and makes you laugh, depending on the season and mood. Her story rests
on the theme of self-awareness, as she’s often thrust into an identity crisis, needing to separate
who she is from what other people want her to be. A troubled past notwithstanding, our girl learns
to love herself, overcome insecurities, and live with less fear. It's okay for her to shine. Kelly
carries an air of flirtatious mischief right from the start, though never with the intent for harm.
She's alternately vivacious, melancholy, sensitive, and harsh. Basically, a tart of a woman. No
stranger to putting up walls, we see that she's also a natural care-taker whenever they are down,
firm about keeping others on the right track. She is, at once, the mother of the group, the mopey/
sarcastic teenager, the ultimate sex siren, and the lost little girl, delivering both extreme angst
and lightheartedness. Much of this angst revolves around romance and the surrender to love,
but what she really wants is a clear sense of peace while so much around her seems to fade.
Fortunately, Dylan needs her as the steady force in his life and shows up to be the same.

Interests include: public relations, female empowerment, child psychology.
Special honor as: Arguably the most developed character of the series.
Famous for: Not admitting how she feels.
Lesson she represents: Never hide your heart.
Main influence with this pairing: [Faith, family, purpose, relatability, pride].
She sustains his belief in people's capacity for positive, unexpected change,
reinforcing his faith in himself and others.

I just want to go away, to someplace new,
where nobody knows me ... but you.

our top five moments ;




"What I would do to go out with Dylan McKay."

our top five moments ;

"Have you seen him? I mean, is he okay?”

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