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I saw a play, titled "Mary Stuart" about a year ago because I knew the woman who was playing Mary. I was really interested in Mary's story afterwards and that's what led me to discover Reign. Anyway, the play included a fictional meeting between the two queens. An amazing play, check it out if you get the chance:

Mary Stuart
Folger Theatre

Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I: These two dangerous and powerful women fight for the throne in Mary Stuart, an adaptation by Peter Oswald of Friedrich Schiller's 1800 play. Mary is stuck in prison and must rely on a band of rebellious conspirators. Elizabeth hesitates to sign Mary's death sentence but knows she must do something to keep her claim to the throne. This lively thriller features scheming politicians, a double agent and an imagined meeting between Mary and Elizabeth. History buffs may know how the rivalry ends, but that doesn't make the journey any less riveting.
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