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So what did you think?
Like I thought, I was amazed by the wonderful special effects
They were truly special.
But, I was also struck by how solid the acting is and how much I still like it.

Charmed for me is, like, something from my childhood. It was the first tv-show I really just had to watch and got mad at my parents for when they wouldn't allow me to go to my room to watch Charmed.
But back in those days, we didn't have internet, viewing online, dvd's, all that jazz. So I couldn't do re-watches or anything like that, I could only see what was shown on Dutch television. (Which was back then always way behind on America's. America would be at season 4/5, The Netherlands would only show season 1/2)
And from the last few seasons I've missed a lot of episodes.

I've maybe seen a episode here and there since then, but this is for me the first time in 14 years I'm re-watching Charmed.

And as a teenager I loved Phoebe. I was totally on Phoebe's side all the time.
But now, as an adult and a mother, I felt I could relate much more to Piper. Don't get me wrong, I'm still on Phoebe's side But Piper in the past always was a bit boring to me. Now I'm really, really liking her.
I can remember that there was an episode once where the girls didn't have their powers any more and Piper was the one who was totally okay with that. She just wanted to be normal.
I loved how that is already shown in the very first episode; where she hoped nothing had changed.

I still haven't softened up to Prue though. I never liked her, I don't think I ever will. I'm sure I'll have moments where I like her, but right now, I can't wait for her to be gone and Paige to show up
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