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I was born for this

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Ow hahaha, well, now that I'm on it anyway

I'll keep the discussion for Saturday

Thank you for not morphing
What do you like about the episode?
The sisters still getting to know their powers.
What do you dislike about the episode?
Pretty much everything; this one's on the list of least favorite episodes. Not liking those morphing people. Not liking their dad. Also; confused about their dad. Watching Charmed has been a long time for me, but in further seasons their dad is portrayed by another actor. I can't remember how they made this seem plausable later on. Did they just give him and entire new storyline later on and disregard this one? Or does it turn out that this wasn't their father after all. But he was in the home video. I'm so confused right now
Favorite scenes:
None, sorry
Memorable quotes:
Phoebe: “And some of us have fun.”
Stand out characters :
Mom in the home video, that's Alyssa!
Favorite sister:
Piper. Right there in the middle of Phoebe's and Prue's attitude towards dad.

Dead man dating
What do you like about the episode?
The storyline about Mark.
What do you dislike about the episode?
Phoebe's storyline about being a psychic.
Favorite scenes:
Ending scene where Mark got to leave with his father.
Memorable quotes:
Piper: “Leave it to me to fall for a dead guy.”
Stand out characters:
Mark Chao.
Favorite sister:
Piper. I really felt for her this episode. Not just at the end, but the entire episode; her trying to help Mark.
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