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Susan's Wallpapers & Art {22 Umbrellas} #1: My heart was aching; My resolve was shaken; But this show saved my life

Hi y'all. I'm Susan. I've been making desktop wallpapers and graphics for various TV series and films for over a decade. I mostly use Photoshop CS5. Sometimes I draw too. I took a long hiatus from this board but now I'm back! Below, you can find links to some of my wallpapers and icons, new and old alike.
(Note: Some of the really old wallpapers are very low in resolution, like 800x600 or 1024x768, so they are not necessarily practical for actually using on your desktop these days. Sorry about that.)

Current obsessions:
This Is Us, The Affair, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Nashville, Parenthood

I use a lot of stock images, textures, and promotional stills in my wallpapers, so of course I must give credit where credit is due.

Note: Please PM me for requests, or I may not see your message immediately.

I don't make icons anymore, but if you like my style and want a custom wallpaper, I do take requests for those. Please click here for a list of TV shows, or ask me about a specific fandom.

Also, I don't really do formal tutorials, but if you're ever wondering how I achieved a certain effect on a wallpaper or icon, feel free to ask.

+ Susan
I didn't realize this was a sad occasion.


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